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June 22, 2013


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15% off White Cloud Cigarettes coupon

White Cloud E-Cigs

When you’re searching for smooth electronic cigarette smoking pleasure, why not give White Cloud a try? White Cloud are one of the foremost manufacturers of electronic cigarettes currently operating on the modern international market place, and for more than one reason. The company is at the forefront of the industry regarding customer satisfaction, and its products are consistently among the top rated electronic cigarette products and accessories. White Cloud receives top marks from its peers in the industry, as well as online critics, reviewers, and customers. So, if you’re looking for a smooth, refreshing break from the norm, White Cloud deserves your full attention!

A Twist Of Cinnamon

One of White Cloud’s most innovative and interesting products is its brand new Cinnamon flavored disposable electronic cigarette. You read that right, it’s cinnamon! This amazing new electronic cigarette delivers a refreshing twist of pure cinnamon goodness, and is completely disposable to boot.

Once the electronic cigarette liquid is gone, simply toss it into the nearest trash can or bin, and you’re done with it. No mess, no cleanup, no stale smell, and no after taste! The Cinnamon stick has been getting rave reviews from critics and consumers alike. Now is your chance to sample a cinnamon flavored e-cig for yourself, and see exactly what the rave reviews have all been about!

Disposable Delights

The best thing about White Cloud’s new Cinnamon flavored disposable electronic cigarette is just that…it’s completely and utterly disposable! So, if you’ve never before sampled a White Cloud electronic cigarette, the new Cinnamon Disposable is your best and safest bet. You won’t be spending a significant amount of money, nor will you be saddled with an entire starter kit. There’s no kit and caboodle, no accessories to keep track of. It’s just one simple electronic cigarette, with everything wrapped into one convenient, handy package. You really can’t go wrong with this revolutionary new disposable electronic cigarette. It’s the perfect “try out” e-cig for the first time buyer.

A Spring Fling

The White Cloud disposable electronic cigarette is known as the Fling model, of which the Cinnamon Disposable is the latest and (so far) greatest example. If you’ve already switched your allegiance to White Cloud, you probably already own one of the company’s excellent starter kits. However, Flings are great for stashing in your coat or glove board compartment in your car. They’re the perfect solution for when you just need to stash a few disposables for safe keeping, especially in places where you don’t want or need to bring your entire White Cloud starter kit. Flings are thus the perfect “tide me over” for times when you don’t have much time or much room to spare.

Flings have other uses as well. They make for an excellent stocking stuffer, or Hannukah/Kwanzaa gift! They make a fantastic present for just about any occasion you care to name. They’re slim, sturdy, disposable, and always ready for use. They also make an excellent introductory gift for friends or loved ones who are struggling with a continuing addiction to traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes. Why not give them a gentle nudge in the right direction with a handy, disposable Cinnamon Fling? Especially if they are in the midst of attempting to quit their cigarette habit “cold turkey” style! A Cinnamon Fling will go a surprisingly long way in easing them through the process.

There is absolutely no hassle involved in learning how to use one. The design of a White Cloud Disposable Fling is so simple, it’s ready to use just as soon as you break it out of its package. There’s no battery charging involved. The White Cloud Fling is completely self contained. And, best of all, it comes fully equipped with enough battery life and flavor liquid to last the equivalent of two full packs of traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes. Economy, style, and excellent taste, all in one package!

Starting You Off

Of course, White Cloud has much more to offer the consumer of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction. White Cloud’s wide and comprehensive range of starter kits has justifiably commanded a leading share of the modern international market place ever since the company’s inception. For one thing, White Cloud’s range of starter kits are some of the top rated models among knowledgeable critics, industry insiders, and consumer reviewers. For another, White Cloud offers some of the most inexpensive stater kits on the market. These starter kits are packed with extras, and priced to move. If you’re looking for an ideal introduction to e-cigs, White Cloud is an ideal start.

Cirrus 2 Starter Kit

Generally priced at just under $50 (check the official White Cloud company website for the latest price, as well as plenty of additional promotional coupons and special discounts), the Cirrus 2 Starter Kit is White Cloud’s entry level, introductory starter kit. If you’ve tried the Cinnamon Fling and want to invest in a long term supply of guaranteed electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction, the Cirrus 2 Starter Kit is the natural next step for you to take. It’s a fully self contained, twin battery featuring, kit which provides e-cig lovers with an amazing 280 puffs per battery, which totals over 560 puffs in all. The batteries are fully rechargeable within a span of only 90 minutes.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, White Cloud has truly striven to earn its place among the most well regarded manufacturers of electronic cigarette accessories. The White Cloud Cirrus 2 Starter Kit comes fully equipped with the latest company feature, the ChargeBolt USB Charger. This amazing and revolutionary new charging system will charge your batteries in record time, providing you with a nearly endless supply of thick, succulent e-cig vapor for as long as your senses can stand! This is the perfect unit for first timers, as well as seasoned veterans. The Cirrus 2 has been rated as one of the finest, most efficient and reliable, starter kits on the market place.

The Cirrus 2 Starter Kit comes with 2 fully rechargeable batteries, 5 cartriges, the ChargeBolt USB Charger, and a fully guaranteed six month warranty. In addition, the C2 batteries are completely compatible with all of White Cloud’s SmoothDraw Cartridges, as well as the rest of the company’s many available accessories. If you’re looking for maximum economic value as well as maximum flavor satisfaction, White Cloud is truly worthy of your attention. Why not log on to the official White Cloud company website and see for yourself what you’ve been missing thus far?


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