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15% Off all Starter Kits from Vapor Couture, the best electronic cigarette designed especially for women.

Vapor Couture Is E-Cig Haute

If you’re looking for electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction that also imparts a sense of sophistication, elegance, grace, and chic modern style to your E-cig experience, then Vapor Couture is going to be the model for you!

Not only does Vapor Couture offer you the maximum value and pleasure in your electronic cigarette smoking device, the company is also able to make you look stylish and hip while doing it! That’s no small feat, but Vapor Couture are experts at pulling it off. Log on to the official Vapor Couture company website, and you’ll quickly see for yourself how the company has so very easily managed to become one of the foremost manufacturers of electronic cigarettes currently operating on the modern international market place.

It’s true that Vapor Couture products are not for everyone. If you’re more inclined to show enthusiasm for the simpler pleasures of life, then a more pedestrian brand of electronic cigarettes, such as Green Smoke or South Beach Smoke, might be more to your taste. Vapor Couture has been specially conceived and designed for those who enjoy a little bit of flash and style with their electronic cigarette smoking experience.

It’s all about not only feeling good, but looking good while you’re at it! And for those of you who wouldn’t be caught dead smoking a boring, antiquated traditional cigarette, Vapor Couture has your need for elegance firmly in mind!

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Of course, with sophistication and style comes a certain market cache and exclusivity, which is a roundabout way of saying that Vapor Couture products are inevitably going to cost a bit more than similar offerings from Green Smoke and the like. However, for the individual of means, this need not be a pressing issue. Pulling out a Vapor Couture starter kit and offering it to a friend or significant other at a trendy night spot is certainly a way to impress. Even if your income and budget is more restricted, you can still get an excellent quality deal, economically speaking, from ordering yourself a Vapor Couture starter kit. Especially when you consider that Vapor Couture starter kits are designed to be long lasting, both in quality and durability. You really can’t go wrong in ordering yourself a starter kit from the company!

More Than Just The Essentials

You’re in for far more than the bare bones, rock bottom starter kit experience when you order from Vapor Couture. For example, why not try the Vapor Essentials Kit? This is a fully customizable electronic cigarette starter kit which represents Vapor Couture’s mid-priced introductory model. You can have the Vapor Essentials Kit delivered right to your door, and pre-customize it beforehand to include the colors and flavors that you select.

If royal purple is your favorite, try the Vapor Essentials Kit in Deep Purple! If you’re more serene and stately in your style, try Brushed Platinum. Perhaps a dainty and delicate Rose Gold might appeal to your reserved and coy sensibilities. For those who like a chatty and ornamental style, try White Signature. Whatever your aesthetic preference may be, rest assured that Vapor Couture has a model that can meet them! Whatever color you prefer, rest assured it will adorn a top of the line Vapor Couture battery with an amazing span of life.

What Treasures Lie Within

Inside your Vapor Couture Essentials kit, you will find the following top notch components. You’ll start off on the right foot with 2 automatic Vapor Couture batteries. These long lasting batteries will guarantee you plenty of relaxed, unhurried vaping sessions. In addition, you get 2 additional 5 packs of Vapor Couture flavor cartridges.

Like the colors listed above, your flavor cartridges are fully customizable. From the rich, traditional tobacco flavor to the dark, smoky Turkish tobacco blend, lovers of classic analog cigarettes will find plenty to enjoy. Lovers of traditional Menthol will likewise be in veritable smoker’s Heaven! For those who enjoy a bit of an exotic flavor filled adventure, Vapor Couture’s trademark Passion Fruit will be sure to entice you with a sweet, tropical aroma of Paradise!

Of course, there’s more to the Essentials Kit. With your purchase, you will also receive 1 Mini Smart Charger, complete with 1 additional Wall Charger. These two handy units ensure that you can take your Essentials Kit virtually anywhere with you. You can store it in your travel bag as you journey on long car, bus, or plane trips. And when you’re ready for a quick, refreshing electronic cigarette smoking session, you can plug the unit directly into whatever source is available, no matter where you are! It just doesn’t get any more modern or convenient!

Finally, your Essentials Kit also contains a fully illustrated and comprehensive Owner’s Manual, which explains the workings of every component of your Vapor Couture Vapor Essentials starter kit in plain spoken, painstaking detail. So, there’s no excuse not to order yourself a Vapor Essentials kit! You can’t even claim to tech stupid anymore, since the Owner’s Manual will remove your ignorance, and bring you fully up to speed on every aspect of the modern electronic cigarette smoking experience! The fact of the matter is that there has never in the history of mankind been a better time to upgrade to a fully customizable smoking experience. Luxury just doesn’t get any more luxurious than when Vapor Couture is involved!

More Than Just A Pretty Face

In conclusion, if you’ve been searching for an excellent new way to complement and enhance your electronic cigarette smoking experience, Vapor Couture might just be the perfect fit for you.

On the one hand, yes, Vapor Couture products, such as the Vapor Essentials starter kit, do tend to cost a bit more than comparable products made by leading competitors.

On the other hand, no other leading competitor’s product can really furnish you with the chic, elegant sense of style that Vapor Couture has truly made its own.

Perhaps the following analogy can best sum up the situation: all of us can sing, after a fashion, and some of us can certainly sing better than others. However, how many of us can truly light up the world around us when we sing, in the manner of Mariah Carey, or Frank Sinatra?

In the end, Vapor Couture is meant for those among us who believe in magic, and shine in the company of the stars. And Vapor Couture simply believes that your electronic smoking experience should make you feel just like a star! So why not log on to the official Vapor Couture company website today, and see for yourself just what the company can do for you!


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