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Get 15% off ANY V2 Cigs starter kit with this coupon!

V2 Cigs is probably the most well know brand in the e cig industry.

V2 Cigs’ customer service is astounding, their warranty amazing (not that you’d need it because…), and their quality is indestructible!

Announcing A Flavor Explosion

For lovers of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction, V2 Cigs has long been one of the preeminent players in the industry. And now, your satisfaction has increased, because V2 Cigs has unveiled its excellent new budget priced starter kit, the V2 Standard Kit! You’ll enjoy long, uninterrupted relaxation modes, complete with electronic cigarette flavor satisfaction, thanks to the revolutionary new design elements that have been painstakingly crafted to fit the Standard Kit. For example, you can now enjoy anywhere from 150-200 puffs from your new V2 Standard, an increase of some 40% over the old model (the number of puffs depends on how heavy of a smoker you are).

Not only has V2 completely revamped its range of starter kits, beginning with the budget priced Standard Kit, but it has also added many new design elements and luxury features. In addition, V2 has revamped the number and type of electronic cigarette liquid (known to the public as e-liquid) flavors which are available with all of their starter kits.

For example, the range of new flavors includes such classic standbys as regular tobacco and menthol, which is especially useful for those of you who are still struggling to lessen your dependence on traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes. If you’re looking for an energetic burst of pure flavor satisfaction, V2 is going to satisfy you!

Amazing Rainbow Of Flavors

V2 Cigs has consistently proven that its attention to detail and the specific needs and wishes of its customers have granted it a position of preeminence on the modern international market place. V2’s amazing range of flavors is truly second to none. However, V2 Cigs doesn’t only feature the traditional American styled tobacco flavor in its wide and amazing rainbow of flavors. You can choose among V2 Red (American tobacco), V2 Congress (which is a sophisticated brand of heavily refined tobacco), V2 Sahara (pure Turkish tobacco), V2 Menthol (a refreshing classic menthol flavor), and V2 Peppermint (an even sharper and mintier menthol). Flavor satisfaction is clearly key!

Of course, your flavor experience hardly ends there, as it would with many of V2’s competitors. For example, you can try such new and exotic flavor combinations as V2 Coffee (which emulates with amazing aplomb and clarity the flavor of coffee, complete with cream and sugar!), V2 Vanilla (a smooth and satisfying variety of pure vanilla flavor burst), V2 Chocolate (which gives you a creamy, rich burst of chocolate goodness), V2 Cherry (a sharp and sweet burst of fruity wholesomeness), and the company’s latest flavor sensation, V2 Cola. This latter variety emulates the carbonated sensation of a classic soda beverage, and has been highly rated by many adherents of V2 Cigs!

Knowing Your Own Strength

V2 electronic cigarette flavors come in a variety of strengths as well as flavors. Be advised that not everyone is going to have the same tolerance for flavor strengths, just as few will have the preference for all of the same exact flavors. V2 bases its flavor selection and strength on a variety of factors, with an eye toward an increase in overall diversity. For example, many customers will find V2’s full strength flavors too strong for their liking. This is the reason why V2 also caters to those who prefer a milder taste for their palates. All V2 regulation electronic cigarette e-liquid flavors also come in such strengths as Medium, Light, and Zero (which contains no nicotine content).

This attention to strength, as well as flavor composition, is one more reason why V2 Cigs has been able to practically corner a commanding share of the modern market place. Other competitors may pay attention to securing for their customers a wide variety of flavors, but then fail to deliver a range of flavor strengths. This is the reason why many choose not to deal with electronic cigarettes, and is a short sighted failure on the part of these supposed competitors.

Your V2 Standard Components

Your V2 Standard Kit comes equipped with a revolutionary array of new and vital components, which are sure to place it abreast of the very top class of all starter kits currently available on the modern international market place. Not only has V2 upped its flavor game, but it has also completely revamped and rebranded its signature brand of budget priced starter kits. The result is the V2 Standard, and it’s an amazing model! Created for maximum convenience, and priced to sell in huge numbers, the Standard Kit truly has it all. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the components which make up this amazing new starter kit. We’ll let the readers judge for themselves if they agree!

To begin with, the V2 Standard Kit has recently seen an upgrade in production values. The V2 Standard Kit now includes the innovative new V2 Smart Charger. This has been enriched with an exciting and completely revolutionary new internal chip (the most sophisticated of its kind to date) which endows the Smart Charger with safety features unheard of in any competitor’s model. The Smart Charger is specially equipped to prevent overcharging. This means that you can now safely leave your Smart Charger to fire up on its own, without worrying about any ill or unintended effects, such as fires. The Smart Charger charges up, then shuts off when its supply is filled.

An Abundance Of V2 Product Features

Your V2 Standard Starter Kit will include the following components: 1 V2 Automatic Battery (which, when combined with the V2 Smart Charger listed above, will all but guarantee you a lifetime of pure, uninterrupted electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction), 1 V2 Manual Battery, 10 V2 Flavor Cartridges (see above for a full rundown of the amazing rainbow of flavors available from V2), and 1 Wall Adapter, which will guarantee you access to a refreshing V2 vaping session practically anywhere you happen to find yourself. V2’s patented adapters virtually eliminate the pain and inconvenience of having no access to a power source in order to charge your V2 e-cig batteries.

In addition, your V2 Standard Starter Kit comes complete with a fully comprehensive and illustrated Owner’s Manual. This manual covers each and every aspect of your brand new V2 Standard Starter Kit. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ownership or operation of your new V2 Standard Starter Kit, or any of its various features, the Owner’s Manual is the authority you may refer to. Each V2 Standard Starter Kit also comes complete with a fully guaranteed warranty and money back guarantee if, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied. You may refer to the official V2 Cigs company website for further details concerning this guarantee.


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