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January 15, 2013


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A Burst Of Flavor Sensation

Volcano Electronic Cigarettes have swiftly become one of the leading purveyors of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction. You’re reading this now because you’re looking for excellent deals, and we’re happy to report that Volcano is one of the finest manufacturers currently operating on the modern international market place. So, if you’ve come in search of money saving deals on the finest electronic cigarettes that the market place has to offer, you certainly aren’t in for a disappointment! Read on to discover what Volcano E-Cigs has in store for you. And while you’re here, have a look at some of the excellent promotional discount codes and coupons on new Volcano products!

Eruption Of Satisfaction

Volcano’s self named Volcano is the starter model, if you will, of the company’s priced to move line of starter kits. Properly named the Volcano Starter Kit (snappy, huh?), this is the budget line introductory model. If you’re looking for an introduction to the brave new realm of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction, you can hardly go wrong with an eruption of satisfaction! Volcano’s prices are incredibly low, yet the amazing value you receive with this excellent new starter kit are simply out of all proportion! Let’s take a closer look at what the Volcano Starter Kit contains. After you read about all the goodies contained in this amazing new starter kit model, you’ll be in a rush to order!

The Volcano Starter Kit

The Volcano Starter Kit is stuffed chock full to bursting with extras, and priced to move! Indeed, as soon as your order arrives in the mail, you will see that the whole kit and caboodle is gift wrapped in a handy, fully portable gift box. This gift box will contain all of your relevant Volcano accessories, and with style and grace. Inside the box, you’ll find 2 Volcano V-Batteries, which come with red LED lights. If you prefer a white kit, your 2 V-Batteries will come with white LED lights. These handy LED lights will keep you out of the dark, and prevent any accidents occurring as you operate your Volcano starter kit. Safety is always a primary concern, and you’re fully covered here!

Also included is the standard Volcano V-Pack. Your ease of access is fully covered with 1 wall charger, 1 mini USB cable, and 1 USB charger. No matter whether you’re staying at home, enjoying a refreshing Volcano vaper session at your leisure, or on a long car trip, or staying at a friend or relative’s home, you’ll always have access to your Volcano smoking satisfaction! With this revolutionary new starter kit, you also receive 1 pack of fully atomized cartomizers, which you can order in the strength and flavor of your own choosing. You can fully customize your Volcano electronic cigarette smoking experience, so get ready for some serious vaping savings and pleasure!

Supernova Flavor Rainbow

If there’s one thing that nearly all devotees of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction have in common, no matter what their favorite brand of modern electronic cigarette may be, it’s a passion for flavor! Not only does Volcano deliver a supernova rainbow of flavor sensation, but they also provide a variety of incredible new flavors that is simply staggering to consider! New flavors include traditional tobacco and menthol (for those of you who are just now weaning off traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes). Other classy new flavor combinations are being researched and developed even as you read this. If you’re looking for flavor, Volcano electronic cigarettes can deliver it!

There are nearly as many possible and possible-to-exist flavors on the spectrum of taste as there are colors on the rainbow. For example Volcano has recently made available on the modern international market place such classy combinations as tobacco, menthol, milk chocolate, Waikiki Watermelon, Vanilla Bean, Cherry Lava, Pineapple Punch, Kona Coffee, Coocoo Coconut, and Blue Water Punch. Some of these, such as milk chocolate and classic menthol, are instantly recognizable. Others are most likely brand new to your eyes as well as taste buds. Log on to the official Volcano Electronic Cigarettes company website and learn more about these flavors.

Magma: More Pleasure

Volcano also manufacturers the excellent new Magma Starter Kit. While the Volcano Starter Kit is designed as an introductory package for first timers, the Magma is targeted more toward experienced lovers of electronic cigarette smoking pleasure. The Magma is thus a mid sized starter kit, containing a few more perks and fancy features than the Volcano. For example, while the Volcano is sized more for the needs of first timers and very light smokers, the Magma is designed more for those who smoke moderately (about half a pack or so per day). The Magma also features slightly larger batteries, which between them contain a somewhat higher charge capacity.

Maximum Satisfaction

Your Volcano Magma kit, as noted above, is bigger, better, faster, and more! It’s a definite upgrade in both size and quality from the Volcano starter kit. Now that you’ve cast off your electronic cigarette “training wheels”, let’s see what the Magma Starter Kit has in store for you! Keep in mind that with the significant upgrade, not only in quantity and quality but performance and durability as well, there is a corresponding increase in price. This is inevitable, and for all of the obvious reasons. However, it is well to keep in mind that Volcano Electronic Cigarettes consistently features some of the most reasonably priced starter kits and accessories available on the market.

Magma Tank Components

With your new Magma Tank starter kit, you will receive a handy, portable, and convenient gift box with which to wrap up all of your new components. You’ll also receive 2 Automatic Draw M-Batteries, complete with handy red LED lights. You’ll get the patented Volcano M-Pack, in a slightly larger size than that which is featured with the Volcano starter kit. You’ll get 1 USB E-Cig battery charger, 1 Wall Charging adapter, 1 mini USB cable, 1 Magma Tank-O-Mizer unit, 5 blank tanks, and one 15ml bottle of any Volcano V-Liquid flavor that you choose. With all of these components, it’s no wonder that Volcano consistently receives top marks for value and customer care!

So, in conclusion, you can easily enjoy top value Volcano flavor satisfaction at the simple press of a button. Log on to the official Volcano E-cigs company website, and use this handy saving coupon to receive maximum value at a more than amazing price! The choice is entirely yours, so why wait? Check out what you’ve been missing! Feel for yourself the true power of the flavor Volcano!


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