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January 15, 2013


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If you’ve heard of electronic cigarettes, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Green Smoke.

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Green Smoke, The Choice Of Champions

Everyone is raving about Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. For nearly a decade, Green Smoke has been one of the top manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, and for good reason. The company’s line of top notch electronic cigarettes provide their legions of loyal customers with an enhanced electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction that is truly unlike anything they have ever experienced. Green Smoke has quickly and easily established itself, in under a decade’s time, as one of the leading electronic cigarette manufacturers currently operating on the modern international market place. If you’re searching for world class quality, you owe it yourself to try Green Smoke!

Not only does Green Smoke provide you with top notch taste, it also gives you grade A quality, reliability, durability, and portability! With a Green Smoke starter kit at your disposal, you have the freedom to strike up a refreshing Green Smoke electronic cigarette vaping session anywhere you may find yourself. This is one of the major reasons why thousands of devotees of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction have turned to Green Smoke to satisfy their craving. No matter if you’re at home, or in your car, or even at a crowded bus stop or airport, as long as you’re near a source of power, you can always plug in to recharge your Green Smoke e-cig battery to full!

Green Smoke: Constructed With Quality

One of Green Smoke’s most vital and enduring company trademarks has long been the innovative design features that characterize its wide ranging line of components and accessories. Green Smoke’s innovative trademark design consists of a cartomizer (which is the cartridge which contains e-liquid) and a specially built, long lasting battery which works to heat the cartomizer to the point where it emits a classic, full bodied, flavor mist. Once you’ve inhaled the pure e-liquid goodness of a Green Smoke electronic cigarette, chances are you’ll never want to return to traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes! Green Smoke is tastier, safer, and far more economically sensible.

Once you’ve opened up your package of Green Smoke, all you need to do is twist the cartomizer and the battery together, and inhale. That’s all there is to it! Green Smoke is affordable, reliable, durable, easy to use, and incredibly (some would allege, ridiculously) inexpensive. The company has an exciting and revolutionary array of products and accessories to choose from, including its world renowned line of starter kits, ranging from the budget priced to the royally deluxe. The choice is up to you! You can log on to the official Green Smoke company website at any time to discover which line of starter kits and accompanying accessories is right for your needs.

Green Smoke’s Caravan Of Flavors

One of Green Smoke’s most vital and enduring attractions is its cavalcade of classic and innovative e-liquid flavors. For pure, soothing, electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction, you can hardly do better than this. Green Smoke has invested countless thousands of hours into creating and perfecting its trademark range of electronic cigarette flavors, and the care and attention certainly shows. You will very rarely find an electronic cigarette manufacturer that spends more time and money on perfecting its patented rainbow of flavor sensations. Whether you’re a tobacco traditionalist, or a new fan of e-cigs who loves new flavor combinations, you’re bound to enjoy the mix.

Green Smoke’s current range of flavors includes Absolute Tobacco, which replicates the classic American traditional tobacco flavor. Tobacco Gold is a rich blend of domestic and Oriental tobacco flavors, somewhat resembling the flavor range of a classic Camel. Red label tobacco is targeted toward lovers of traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes who pine for the classic taste of such full flavored, “All American”, red label cigarettes such as Marlboro and the like. For lovers of such classic, traditional, tobacco flavors, there is much to love. And the transition from chemical, additive, and preservative filled cigarettes to much safer e-cigs will be much easier to undergo!

Exotic New Green Smoke Flavor Sensations

For those of you who have always preferred the classic minty taste of traditional menthol flavored cigarettes such as Kool and Newport, Green Smoke’s Menthol Ice flavor is bound to come as a refreshing revelation! And there is plenty for you more experimental, exotic flavor seeking, adventurers to discover. If you’re looking for a new flavor sensation, try Green Smoke’s exciting and exotic new Mocha Mist! This revolutionary new flavor will bring to your electronic cigarette the taste of classy mocha flavored capuccino coffee. If you love the taste of deep, dark, rich, mocha chocolate, Green Smoke’s Mocha Mist flavor is truly going to knock you for a loop! Check it out today!

Believe it or not, there’s even more on Green Smoke’s flavor menu. Try Green Smoke’s delicious new Vanilla Dreams flavor today. It will bring you the classic taste of vanilla, in a very laid back, capuccino cafe, sort of vibe that will light your fire on a grey wintry day! If you’re an avid devotee of cafe culture, Green Smoke’s brand new Smooth Chocolate flavor is bound to fit your bill! It’s the closest thing to the classic hot chocolate latte flavor that you can get without actually brewing one up yourself. If you love relaxing at home, or spending time with your friends at the Starbucks, Green Smoke’s amazing new range of exotic flavor sensations is sure to accompany you!

So Many Perks, Such Great Taste, Such A Low Price

Green Smoke has been acclaimed for nearly a decade now as the electronic cigarette industry’s leading provider when it comes to the richness of its smoke volume, as well as the average number of puffs one may obtain from a vaping session (whether short or vicariously prolonged, as one prefers). A single Green Smoke cartomizer has been rated as the industry’s equivalent of 30 traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes. In other words, the purchase of a single Green Smoke cartomizer obtains a pack and a half of regular “analog” cigarettes. Green Smoke starter kits come with the industry’s top rated batteries. For long life, reliability, and durability, Green Smoke is the king.

Log on to the official Green Smoke company website today, and see for yourself just what the company can do for you. Check out the savings coupon below, and save a bundle on classic Green Smoke starter kits and accessories. If you’ve never tried Green Smoke for yourself, you simply have no idea of the great flavor satisfaction you’ve been missing up until now! So log on today, and discover for yourself a whole new realm of electronic cigarette smoking pleasure!


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